Rape Culture

Woman verbally abused on train
1 in 5 Women Sexually Assaulted
Rape is a form of conception
GOP - No exceptions for rape
Women should prepare for rape
Rapists can sue for child custody
Children think rape is sometimes ok
Rapists who don't think they are rapists
"Nice Guys"
Sexually assault victim barred from naming attackers
Sexual assault victim blamed for "ruining attacker's life"
Women are seen as objects for entertainment everywhere they go
Getting Rid of the Creepy Dude
The Imagined Right to Intrude

Reproductive Rights

Making women carry dead fetuses
How I Lost Faith in the Pro-Life Movement
"Adoption option" causes more depression than abortion
Stats on women who have abortions
Evangelicals used to be pro-choice
Bible tells us when a fetus becomes a person
Women who need late-term abortions
Woman denied abortion for dying fetus
Woman denied abortion dies in hospital


Global Warming's New Math


Understanding white privilege

Government Assistance and Affordable Care

Misconceptions about the safety net


Pagan origins of Christmas
Nothing about the way we celebrate Christmas is Christian
Why Christians should stop complaining about secular Christmas
Origins of Christmas
Christmas is really just Saturnalia


Ketogenic diet fights cancer
Why accepting that the earth is billions of years old is important
27 cool things discovered in 2012


Atheism and Christianity
Who were Jesus' parents?

Gun Control

Facts about mass shootings in the US
Mass shootings investigation
Gun ownership compared to homicide rates
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